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A high level of expertise is all-important as this is the starting point from which we approach everything we do. This is what enables us to provide expert legal advice, but also ensures our clients significant results and successful solutions. Our professional expertise is your guarantee that we always strive to do our best – both as legal advisors and as a business.

Legal questions often require quick adaptation to the situation and swift action. That is why availability is the second principle on which Trolle Law works. We ensure that our clients have direct access to legal advice at the highest level – and we always provide that access in a way that precisely meets your requirements.

Legal advice adds no real value without credibility which is another of our guiding principles. As our client, you can be sure that our attorneys and the firm as a whole always act with your best interests at heart.

Our fourth principle is empathy as this is what ensures that we are able to understand your needs while thinking innovatively and creatively on your behalf.

These four guiding principles contribute to making Trolle Law one of the region’s most modern and highly qualified law firms serving private individuals, the business community, government authorities and organisations.

Press release
(23 March 2018)

Fredericia Advokaterne becomes part of Trolle Law

Trolle Law expands to incorporate the former Fredericia Advokaterne into Trolle Law
Fredericia Advokaterne, Fredericia’s oldest law firm, which comprises attorneys Marianne Bitsch, Jens Brusgaard, Esben Bjerregård and Dorte Geest Aagaard, who have so far been based at Høgevej 4 i Fredericia, today become part of Trolle Law.

“We are delighted that Trolle Law is able to welcome four attorneys and five legal secretaries from Fredericia Advokaterne. It has long been our wish to grow locally and add new specialist expertise to our portfolio. In a single day, we have grown by approx. 30% and are now by any yardstick the largest law firm in both Fredericia and Middelfart,” says attorney Steen Jørgensen from Trolle Law.

After Easter, i.e. from 3 April 2018, legal and support staff from Fredericia Advokaterne will be serving clients from Trolle Law’s new address at Vesterballevej 25 in Fredericia.

“We are delighted that we have been given the opportunity to become part of Trolle Law. Trolle Law will now have almost 50 employees and this provides us with the best possible environment for continued specialisation, teamwork, knowledge exchange between colleagues, on-going dialogue with and serving of clients,” explains Jens Brusgaard from Fredericia Advokaterne.

Trolle Law gains new specialist expertise

Fredericia Advokaterne has built up specialist expertise over many years which means that it is now Denmark’s leading law firm when it comes to providing legal advice for Denmark’s 1,100 free schools, including independent boarding schools for lower secondary students, free schools, production schools, residential adult education centres, free upper secondary schools etc. In our new constellation, these specialist skills now become part of Trolle Law.

“Fredericia Advokaterne has understood brilliantly how to be local and offer highly developed specialist expertise while capitalising on the opportunities offered by the geographical location of the Triangle Region. Trolle Law wants to rank among the leading law firms in the Triangle Region and this expansion is a step nearer to that goal,” says attorney Steen Jørgensen from Trolle Law.

Trolle Law is in the process of identifying a number of further specialist areas in which the firm will be able to take advantage of the excellent position of the Triangle Region and retain its ranking among the region’s leading law firms.

“We hope that both more business clients and private clients will use our services and benefit from the further specialisation that is the result of this merger. Although we will be working in our niche areas across Denmark, our aim is to leave a distinctive regional footprint,” concludes attorney Jens Brusgaard from Fredericia Advokaterne.

Trolle Law has offices in Fredericia, Middelfart, Vejle and Kolding and is owned by its six partners.

Do you have any questions? If so, please contact:
• Advokat Steen Jørgensen, Trolle Advokatfirma, på mail and on telephone no. 70 15 15 32
• Attorney Jens Brusgaard, Fredericia Advokaterne, by email and on telephone no. 22 62 03 44